Visual Arts and Communication of Power

Activities in 2014

December 2014

Best designed Croatian books

The book Bolonjske slike hrvatske povijesti by Daniel Premerl (publisher Leykam international) has been included on the list of Croatia's 19 best designed books in 2014. The books will be competing fot the Best Book Design from all over the World (Leipzig), and will be exhibited at the Book Art International (Frankfurt Book Fair). After the Leipzig and Frankfurt exhibitions the books will become part of the holdings of the Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum (Deutsche Nationabibliothek).

October 2014

Mirjana Repanić-Braun at Conference in Barcelona

Mirjana Repanić-Braun, PhD participated in the international scientific seminar Identity, Power and Representation with the lecture Self-promotion and representation of Habsburg dynasty in the peripheral regions of the Austrian Empire. The seminar took place in Barcelona, from 22nd to 25th October 2014.

The integral text of the lecture Self Promotion and Representation of the Habsburg Dynasty in the Peripheral Regions of the Austrian Empire has been published in the seminar proceedings Identitat, poder i representació: Els nacionalismes en l’art. Comunicacions = Identity, Power and Representation: Nationalisms in Art. Papers,  Rosa Maria Creixell, Eva March i Carme Narváez (eds.), Barcelona: ACAF-ART, 2014., ISSN 238504111, 41–45 (without illus.).