Visual Arts and Communication of Power

Petra Batelja

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Petra Batelja was born in 1988 in Jastrebarsko where she finished her high school education. She obtained her undergraduate degree in art history and Portuguese language and literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in Zagreb. She defended her MA thesis Commissions of the Erdödy Family in Jastrebarsko (Naručiteljska djelatnost obitelji Erdödy na području grada Jastrebarsko; supervisor dr. sc. D. Botica) in 2013.

In 2014 started a Phd in history at the Centre of Croatian Studies in Zagreb. She is participating in the project as a doctoral student and research assistant (junior researcher) whose area of interest is focused on the Drašković nobile family in Croatia.

During her studies 2008‒2010 she was working as a student-assistant at the Department of Art History in courses: World exhibitions, Andrea Palladio, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture and Architectural Basics. For four years she worked part-time at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, and during 2012 she partook in a three-month volunteering programme at the Lauba House private gallery (Lauba – Kuća za umjetnost i ljude).

As a part of a team, in 2012 she participated in a scientific conference with the theme Beatrica Frankapan and The Old Town in Varaždin: Hommage to Academician Andro Mohorovičić (exhibition poster), supervised by Sanja Cvetnić. In 2013 she co-authored the book The Mother of God Protectress Among the Croats: Teological and Art-history approach after more than 2 years of research. Her scientific paper titled La Madonna della Misericordia in Istria was published in Atti (XLII, Rovigno, 2013). She participated in a s scientific conference commemorating the 10th anniversary of death of Radovan Ivančević co-authoring the paper Filmography in the Service of Art - Educational Component in R. Ivančević Documentary and "Element-Films" (Filmsko stvaralaštvo u službi umjetnosti: obrazovna komponenta u dokumentarnim i element-filmovima R. Ivančevića). The article is accepted for publication in Peristil 2015.